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Who we are

Raffaele Palmas’ passion, supported by a farming background and the determination to tackle challenging projects, is at the base of this restoration project of this productive farmland that sits in the heartland of the Amalfi Coast.

Strolling through the olive groves and lemon orchards once torn from negligence, now restored by the efforts of men marked by the sun and salt air, one can witness how they have been brought back to their former glory and much more; including those of the new vineyards that stretch out before you. This is the reward for those who still believe in the natural beauty of this landscape and the time-old cultivation techniques that can only offer this type of fragrant and flavorful crop.

Convinced by the enthusiasm and the fresh ideas of young professional friends, Raffaele wished to share with them the undertaking necessary to achieve such notable goals in such a unique environmental context.

The challenge was accepted by agronomist Giuseppe Coppola, who heads agricultural management and the technical-administrative side, engineer Amalia Pisacane and staff worked on the design for the modernization of the business model and environmental safeguarding, while the architect Marina Gorruso collaborated on the marketing aspects, promoting the olive oil and also labeling design. Renowned accountant Lucio d’Urso oversaw all fiscal duties, and last but not least, our friendly group of field staff remain dedicated to this labor of love.

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