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“If the bees died, we would only have four years of life”, famous quote attributed to Einstein, or at least that’s what many think.

Actually he never said it, but the fact remains that about one hundred thousand varieties of plants depend on bees, and without them we would not have the majority of flowers and fruits that we all appreciate, just as it is true that the death of bees is a harsh reality.

In fact in recent years only in Italy over 200,000 hives have disappeared, due to the chemical substances used in agriculture and to climate change.

In confirmation of the eco-friendly footprint of our business, we try to help these formidable workers by increasing the number of hives in our farm.

Also thanks to the climate of the Amalfi Coast, the bees are happy to fly among the flowers of the terraces in a healthy environment, giving us an organic chestnut honey unique for its qualities.

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