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Femminello Sfusato

LimoncelloThe lemon liqueur “Femminello Sfusato” is otained by cold maceration of lemon zest from “Costa d’Amalfi PGI” in an alcohol solution and it is exclusively produced in the organic farm of Raffaele di Palma.

It is obtained by mixing a solution of water and organic white cane sugar with an infusion of fresh lemon peels and organic ethyl alcohol.


Finocchietto Selvatico

FinocchiettoThe processing method for the production of our wild fennel is traditional by drying the best fruits, outdoors, in the light, but away from direct sunlight, not to make essential oils evaporate.

The liquor is obtained by mixing a solution of water and biological white sugar cane with an infusion of fennel seeds and organic ethyl alcohol from agricultural origin.

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