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Organic Lemons

Our lemon farm is a certified production of the “Sfusato Amalfitano” (Amalfi Coast Lemons IGP).

Intensive intervention and care has enabled the healthy recovery of the citrus trees which have been bought back to a high level of production, due in part to the construction of chestnut wood pergolas, made respecting IGP guidelines.

The method we use with our lemons is not the traditional one (that utilizing the pergola trellises) but rather leaving the front entrance of the trees open to the elements where  bees and fresh air can reach the trees more easily. By doing so, this helps prevent disease and impedes the growth of fungi and parasites.

By using this method, our lemons arrive in the hands of consumers virtually spotless, also thanks to the use of organic mineral oils. By taking this extra step, the final result is a lemon of unadulterated taste.

With the vision of company growth and continued care of the cultivation of our crops, a collaboration with the research center (CRA- Agrumicoltura of Acireale) has been made for the field testing of different rootstocks. The point of the experiment is to find out whether there are alternative rootstocks to that of the traditionally-used bitter orange tree, which would be better able to fend off parasites and disease.

The lemon harvest starts in January and ends in late July.

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