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Organic Olive Oil

With respect for nature and keeping the consumer in mind, we treat our olives with clay so as to keep parasites away, in particular the olive fly. This technique also defends the olives from the sun, so as to limit the use of phytochemicals.

The revival of ancient olive trees and the planting of new ones, has enabled production of a unique olive oil, the only extra virgin olive oil of “Colline Salernitane D.O.P” currently available from the Amalfi Coast.

Our olive oil is produced using a diverse combination of olives; the Frantoro, Leccino, Rotondella, Carpellese, and Ogliarola. The result is a very a high quality olive oil, with care and attention that extends to the smallest detail, including the design of our labeling and bottles.

olio-palmaThe extra virgin olive oil NODO/DONO (Knot/Gift) is a simple name but full of meaning. In a play of letters, NODO composes both words. NODO symbolizes the characteristic element of the olive tree, and also the ties that bind it to the land.  NODO represents the rewards of all the hard work that has been accomplished, and a nod to the ancient mythical goddess Athena, and the ‘olive branch’ seen as a symbol of peace worldwide.

NODO is characterized by its unique organoleptic properties and unmistakable essence that can only come from the sun, sea, and land of the Amalfi Coast:  A land of distinct microclimate, rich historical past, sweeping landscapes and a cultural heritage so unique that it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Only such a land can offer a truly unparalleled olive oil, which is the base of the Mediterranean diet.

The olive oil is derived from the pressing of olives harvested from both old and new plants, which are located in the area of San Vito, Maiori, between  50 and 300 meters above sea level. Planted arbitrarily, the olive trees stand in what little space is offered by the rocky mountainside, located close to a small forest of oak trees and other typical Mediterranean vegetation.

The final product is an olive oil whose color hovers between straw-yellow and light green. Subtly intense, with a decisive aroma of freshly picked olives and discreet notes of olive leaves, grass, and green tomatoes. The flavor reveals a strong and persistent taste, which is pleasantly spicy and sour, also full-bodied with a well-balanced structure that offers hints of artichoke, thistle and bitter greens. The aftertaste is clean.

The significant presence of aromatic notes suggests a preference for dishes with a certain consistency, such as lentil soups, pasta dishes, grilled fish, grilled vegetables, garlic bread, shelled seafood, and semi-soft cheeses.

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